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BYOB is a restaurant and bar that welcomes you to brew beer in our Brew Haus using the equipment

and supplies we provide along with the assistance of master brewers. Enjoy wood-fired pizza while

brewing, play Bocce ball while bottling, and bring your entire family for a drink or dinner in our

comfortable dining room. One 2 hour visit to BYOB for brewing, and a second 1 hour visit for bottling two weeks

later and you get to enjoy 6 cases of 22 oz. beers that are fresh, hand crafted, and as unique as you are.

Or you can skip the 2nd visit and have BYOB bottle and cap your beer, then have it delivered to your home or office.

Over 70 different recipes will be available to choose from.



BYOB - Brew Your Own Beer

Brew Session Classes 

Early Classes - before the grand opening of BYOB in Brooklyn, 

learn how to brew 5 gallon batches of beer at our temporary location.

All brewing sessions begin at 3:00pm, and available dates are listed below. 

Schedule - 2014

August 1st          August 7th            August 15th

September 5st    September 12th     September 19th

October 3rd       October 10th          October 17th

November 7th,   November 14th,      November 21st

2015 Classes

January 2nd

January 9th

January 16th


Email info[at]byobnyc.com to register for classes.

Follow paypal payment process and send confirmation # in email subject

when scheduling class dates. 

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